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Department of Justice Releases Reports Focused on Improving Safety and Wellness of the Nation’s 800,000 Law Enforcement Officers

The Department of Justice last week released two complementary reports that focus on the mental health and safety of the nation’s federal, state, local and tribal police officers.

GDOL and Crossmark host job fair in May

The Georgia Department of Labor is partnering with Crossmark for an upcoming job fair.

Proposed Class Action Settlement Involving Lenny & Larry’s Cookies Amended to Give Consumers More Value

Plaintiffs in the case, Cowen et al. v. Lenny & Larry’s, Inc., alleged that labels for the defendant’s “The Complete Cookie” product included inaccurate nutritional information.

Striped Bass: Fresh from the Renovated Richmond Hill Fish Hatchery

The Richmond Hill Hatchery is the sole producer of Atlantic striped bass fry, hybrid striped bass fry, and white bass fry in the state.  These fry are distributed to other hatcheries across the state to be reared to a one-inch fingerling size before being stocked into reservoirs across Georgia. 

Georgia Southern, Nine Line Foundation sign agreement to promote veteran education

“Signing this MOU exemplifies what Georgia Southern should be doing, which is working with the community,” Reiber said.
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