Picture Credit- Spaceport Camden

Students from Georgia Tech’s Yellow Jacket Space Program (YJSP) will be in Camden County on Saturday, March 30 and potentially Sunday March 31 for a low altitude, Class II amateur rocket test at the proposed site of Spaceport Camden.

This test will not be open to the general public. No road or waterway closures are
anticipated for this activity.

The YJSP launch is a testbed for avionics systems and control algorithms designed by aerospace engineering students at Georgia Tech. The test is intended to verify and validate control system design, aerodynamic modeling, hardware design methods, flight software, and flight computers.

The YJSP launch has been authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct this test under Part 101.25 of the Code of Federal Regulations. This amateur rocket is approximately 8 feet tall, 4 inches in diameter and weighs about 26 pounds. It is powered by a commercial off the shelf model rocket motor. All launch and recovery activities will take place within the confines of the test site. No launch activities will take place before dawn or after dusk.

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