Report: At Least 148 Children Fatally Drowned in Pools and Spas this Summer

The number of fatal drownings is down approximately 9% from 2017. During the same period last year, 163 children younger than age 15 drowned in swimming pools or spas, according to media reports.

Trump’s statement on biodefense strategy and national security

Trump looks to take steps to improve defenses against biological threats and to respond to them effectively and efficiently.

USDA Provides Additional Food Options to SNAP Participants Impacted by Hurricane Florence

Additional opportunities for people affected by Hurricane Florence.

Georgia Among 42 States to Receive USDA Funding for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Georgia is among 42 states to receive federal funds for water and wastewater infrastructure improvements.

Illegal alien has ‘constitutional right’ to taxpayer funded trial, say his attorneys

Attorneys of an illegal alien, accused of murder, argue he has a constitutional right to receive taxpayer-funded investigation to fight murder charges.

Pope’s popularity at an all-time low amid sex abuse scandals

Alleged cover-ups have lead to a drop in confidence in Pope Francis.

Looters Arrested by Police in Wake of Florence

The store managers initially asked that police "not intervene."

Deaths from Hurricane Florence Continue to Climb

Please continue to keep those impacted by Hurricane Florence in your prayers. The 50 inches of rain is expected to keep flooding and landslides on the forefront until next week.

First Responders Come to the Rescue on New Forever Stamp

Firefighters, law enforcement officers, emergency medical service professionals and other emergency personnel are being recognized by the U.S. Postal Service for the Honoring First Responders Forever stamp.